Secure your event.

Improve the guest EXPERIENCE.

Eliminate ticket fraud, secure sensitive areas, and collect real-time traffic flow information — all while getting your guests in faster and safer with Access Control.

Why use access control?

  • Improve security without sacrificing speed.
  • Eliminate 100% of ticket fraud attempts related to physical ticketing.
  • Process people faster, have your customers spend time inside they would have wasted in line .

There’s myriad of reasons to use kubit access control system.

  • Real-time customer data collection and digital reporting of the capacity count for each zone.
  • Eliminate ticket fraud completely.
  • A fail-safe system has proven to work in all climates and environments.
  • Seamless integration with multiple ticketing systems and event management software.
  • Credential fulfillment services.
  • Control unlimited zones in a single system (GA, VIP, Camping, Toll Booths, Production, and more).
  • Each heyy! access control portal can process 2,500 people per hour.
  • Improve your event security.
  • Maximum up-time operating on a private on-site server with multiple backups.

Speed up entry and reduce wait times

A single heyy! access control portal can process up to 2,500 people per hour. That means people can get into your event faster without sacrificing security. And you’ll have real-time traffic flow information and capacity counts at at your fingertips.

Create a seamless experience

It doesnʼt make sense that people get into your event with one ticket, then they purchase things with a number of different cards, and then have to engage with brands with pen and paper. With heyy! you create a single environment, everything happens through their credential — they tap to enter, tap to buy, and tap to interact with brands.

By using heyy! you deliver a consistent and seamless guest experience. at at your fingertips.

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