More valuable sponsorships and brand activations.

Use the heyy! + kubit product to create brand activations that engage guests at a higher rate, provide deeper connections, and deliver more data along with a clear ROI to your sponsors.

Why use heyy! + kubit?

Giving away product samples or asking people to fill out forms doesn’t cut it for serious brands. Our experiential product delivers higher engagement and a clear ROI.

  • Brands see higher engagement rates due to unique activation possibilities.
  • Real-time customer data collection, digital reporting of audience engagement and demographic profiles.
  • Plug-and-play activations include: photo booths, and social media check-ins.
  • Guests tap their credential to share their info with brands, no more filling out forms.
  • Custom brand activations include instant giveaways, competitive games, leaderboards, voting/surveys, scavenger hunts, VR headsets, and more.
  • Brands will be willing to pay more for sponsorships because of the increased engagement.
  • Brands walk away knowing exactly what they got for the money they spent (e.g. engagement, emails, social reach, etc.)
  • Engage guests post-event with exclusive downloadable content, custom playlists, promotional offers, pre-sale codes, and more.
  • Lead generation features to drive business after the event.

Create a seamless experience

It doesnʼt make sense that people get into your event with one ticket, then they purchase things with a number of different cards, and then have to engage with brands with pen and paper. With heyy! you create a single environment, everything happens through their credential — they tap to enter, tap to buy, and tap to interact with brands.

By using heyy! you deliver a consistent and seamless guest experience. at at your fingertips.

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