Data collection is great, and a by product of the kubit platform, but the real value is in the actionable insights that are generated and provided to you.

With kubit you cut through the noise and are presented with a simple set of actions that will make you even more successful. It’s like a guardian angel, for event organizers.

Understand your event and your guests

Real-time metrics give you the full picture on your event so you know how many people are on-site, which entrances are nearing capacity and where you can move people from to balance the load. Post-event metrics show you exactly who was at your event from a demographic point of view so you can plan your next event even better

  • Deep visibility into which products are performing and which aren’t so you can optimize for the next event
  • Monitor the status of your event in real-time for a number of things (attendance, sales, entrance capacities, and more)
  • Determine optimal pricing for items and whether you’re under — or over — pricing
  • Understand who is actually coming to your event and build a database of fans.
  • Make data-driven decisions for your next event to maximize your profit
  • Demographic insights about your guests so you know who your ideal customer is.
  • Make connections from your investments to the revenue that they generate
  • Identify your most valuable guests to make sure you bring them back to the next one
  • Provide brands with the data on who engaged with them on-site — it’s what they expect

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